You can never help another person without being helped yourself

At Avancos, we are extremely lucky to have a truly global team. This global reach and exposure allows us a unique perspective on our clients’ and candidates’ needs. Below, Chris Hager, Managing Director, Scandinavia, gives us his global view and exemplifies Avancos’ core values, principles and ethos. Thank you Chris for the wise words and your continued contribution to what is Avancos.

There 12are few industries were core values, principles and ethos are as relevant as in the recruitment industry. Recruiters are in daily contact with a range of different stakeholders, conveying their client’s message to candidates, adding their own personal message for the company they work for. For highly trusted recruiting professionals, they are exposed to company insights which are sometimes not privy to internal and external personnel. The topics in most cases are usually highly professional, personal, and confidential, therefore integrity and character are at the utmost importance.

The challenge over the last 10 years within the recruitment industry, is when recruiters take a short term focus on revenue instead of the individual and/or company/client. These events have had a negative effect on the perception of (some) recruiters, and overall industry. Candidates and clients feel they are not being listened to, understood, and dots aren’t connected with solutions, therefore the perception is the “recruiter” is mostly interested in their commission.22

As a result, a long term negative impact on brand perception can occur, and equally important, solving business issues become secondary leaving time spent with one another counterproductive. For instance, if a recruiter’s sole focus is to convince a candidate to accept an offer at all costs, then there is a tremendous risk that after accepting an offer the candidate may regret their decision and leave the company early, thereby wasting resources, time, and losing productivity. On the other hand, if a recruiter’s sole focus is to help the candidate progress, then the intentional process will automatically uncover their true motivation factors by thoroughly assessing their personal and private situation. As a result, bottlenecks are prevented, seamless process and assessment occurs, and the risk of fall off is minimized.

What is interesting is how this same principle applies beyond recruiting and to about everything else. By supporting our clients with their best intention in mind, we build long term partnerships based on mutual respect. By helping our colleague’s progress, we build a great team spirit that foresters cooperation instead of internal competition.

This core philosophy is not tied to a specific culture, instead it is a universal truth that can be applied to all corners of the world – you can never help another person without being helped yourself. 32

Images: National Geographic;; By Shalom Jacobovitz (SJ1_8558) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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