Wow! 2013 Already!

It’s almost 2013... already. Phew – the world didn’t end (check local listings), so back to work and lets make it a year to remember!

This is the year……..bring it on.

Now to the “2013” Checklist

1) Staff Meeting - Welcome everyone back.
2) Discuss and agree priority list – assign priorities.
3) Check with each person about what support they will need to deliver on objectives
4) Re-check what Steve (we all have a Steve) needs as he always says no and then panics last minute!
5) Avoid Finance as they have already cut the budget in half and a text from A Nony Mouse (AKA the CFO) over the holidays said that it was discussed again as to whether they could cut another 15%!
6) Dodge phone call from recruiters selling me the latest and greatest. Daily!
7) Figure out how I am expected to achieve critical mass growth forecasts with half a budget and a bent paperclip!

So what are my choices?

1) Do nothing
2) Do the same as last year
3) Find something which will make a difference

Hmm, so do nothing. A high probability that I receive a redundancy cheque. Not an option.

Do the same as last year. Well it did work (but barely), and I had the budget then, this time around I don’t and I know that we will be running on empty come Q4. Staff moral will be low, cuts will have to be made and……..I think I will dust off my CV.

Or find something…….Find what? I need the silver bullet, the 4G, the 100MB Broadband of Access to Talent, Technology, Process and Industry Intelligence but that means pulling together a marketing agency, a recruitment agency and a consulting firm, which I just do not have the budget for!

Wait a minute... I remember a company I met with last year. They were telling me about what their company, Avancos, does. What was that website...

Yeah, that’s it... this may be something that can solve my problem!

This is going to be a better year!

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