What have you learned today?

It’s been a productive week since we got back from UK Sourcers Discover Sourcing event in London. It just hit me again, that something I picked up at the event has stumbled into my daily routine. Sometimes we can spend so much time doing our jobs that we forget about the importance of investing in learning new things and honing our craft. Also, it is invaluable to gain experiences outside of your comfort zone, both personally and professionally. 1

I’m from the US of A and I’ve spent most of my life here. In the last five years I’ve had the privilege to work with great people from around the world. In some cases I’ve gotten to visit them and they’ve taught me a lot. My view of daily life has been enhanced by my exposure to others living on the surface of this little blue ball.

Learning new tricks and techniques from the best Sourcers in Europe was an amazing experience. Yes there were cool tools and new ways to use old ones, but looking at sourcing through their eyes and collective experiences was the biggest lesson.

2Our clients are located all over the Earth. Their work days are filled with all of the things that are part of their job, and then the whole bit that they have to get done to allow their job to happen. They have to source, they have to research the talent market, but really their job is getting the best possible people into their company. Their job is managing onboarding structures that give new employees and their company the best chances for success. Their job is building a relationship with a candidate throughout the interview process. We have aligned our products and services to help them through that day. To facilitate their access to accurate timely talent data that seamlessly integrates into their “job”.

And on a strategic level, we have that global view point, that lens that we see things through. One can’t assume that everyone works the same and sees things the same way. We live in a global world. So as we refine and continuously tweak Talent Intelligence, we pour in all we learn of not only the newest, best tools and techniques, we filter it through what we learn from all of our interactions globally. 3

We strive to never stop learning.


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