Up for the Challenge?

The global team at Avancos lives and breathes workforce planning. The majority of us come from HR and Recruiting roles. We’ve spent our careers addressing the same problems that our clients deal with every day. Our backgrounds have washed through most of the major industries out there. The one constant in the ever changing business world we’ve come to believe is that it all comes down to knowledge, skills and experience.

Individually we each lack something in one of these three areas. But as a team, as a whole, we have pooled together and documented the best ways to find, identify, and leverage talent related data to help our clients, our partners make strategic decisions. By leveraging refined processes and constantly seeking out the best and newest methods for gathering data, we have found something that works.

Whether it is helping a Fortune 100 company through Talent Acquisition challenges, finding the best technical talent around the globe, or using Advanced Insight Talent Intelligence to allow a Fortune 500 company based in the United Kingdom determine the best strategy for allocating recruiting resources, we have found a way to fill in gap with knowledge, skills and experience to enable HR partners to succeed.

Our portfolio speaks for itself (a sample can be read here [http://avancos-global.com/portfolio/#]). With all that said, I can honestly say there is room to improve. Our DNA is wound through with continuous improvement encoded throughout the strands. Avancos has a research and development group that is constantly studying and slicing and dicing all of what we see and working to make it better. Even it’s only 1% at a time; continuous improvement is what we excel at. It is what sets us apart and raises the bar for all of us at Avancos to constantly strive to improve our knowledge, skills and experience as a whole and individually.

Contact and challenge us to see if our knowledge, skills and experience can help your company to achieve their goals and improve your workforce. In the US, contact Keith Shepherd, keith.shepherd@avancos-global.com and in EMEA, contact Mark Sawyer, mark.sawyer@avancos-global.com. Our website lists our other global locations. These folks live on the challenge and please let me know if they’re not up to it.

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