Arun Murali, Chief Executive Officer, GroupOne Healthsource

“The need to acquire talent goes far deeper than most companies are willing to explore. With Avancos, we have a real partner that understand the depths of talent acquisition, evaluation, and more. Hiring is more about finding that talent wherever it exists, knowing which candidates are best aligned with our roles and seeking an approach that will best acquire that talent.“

“With Avancos as our partner, we now have a deep understanding of the available manpower in our industry and area, what competitors are doing with their teams, filling a pipeline with quality team members, and acquiring the talent we need to get to the next level. ”

“Their proactive and sophisticated approach coupled with a results oriented strategy, makes Avancos the exact strategic partner for personnel for GroupOne.“



Ken Ungar, President, U/S Sports Advisors

"Avancos provided a flexible, creative solution to our talent acquisition challenge. Their proactive approach and keen sense of the labor marketplace plays a key role in our company’s growth strategy. I would recommend them to any organization looking for a competitive advantage in recruitment."



Andreas Enbom, Vice President Sweden, Power Network Division, Empower

“Avancos is good at seeing the real person behind the CV, finding energized personalities to strengthen our organization. They also have a good understanding of our company and its culture and consistently help us find winning talent in the energy sector.”



Phil Hockemeyer, CEO

“Based on past history with other “talent acquisition” organizations, we were skeptical. However, Avancos won us over with their impressive strategic processes and accommodating manner that ultimately helped us hire talent that will increase our growth in new markets. I highly recommend Avancos to CEOs who understand the critical nature of hiring individuals to grow their business, and who are looking for a committed hiring partner to provide strategy, process, and people to get the job done.”



Joe Culp, President

“I would recommend Avancos because their approach to hiring was innovative and outcome driven. Which is nothing I’ve experienced with other companies. Their strategic thinking gave me the confidence that our hiring process was proactive, scalable, and I knew our teams were hiring the best talent in the market. A definite competitive advantage.“


Symon Huges, Head of Talent Acquisition

"We chose to partner with Avancos as we needed to align recruitment effort with business demand whilst also increasing our competitive position for talent against our competitors and the entire talent market. Avancos made it simple, they shared their best practice, provided a talent MAP which enabled us to make strategic decisions not just for the immediate need but also to build out proactive relationships for the future, making our growth plans streamlined, predictable and flexible based on accurate data."