Is your Talent Acquisition Strategy Wishful or Realistic?

02032015bI have worked in corporate recruitment for nearly 20 years and have learned that growth or efficiency expectations can enhance or cripple a company’s talent acquisition strategies. For example, a company still using paper CV’s and application forms are expected to move to a global applicant tracking system (ATS) overnight. And it never happens! Or perhaps an organisation that is decentralised, without careful thought may have challenges centralising to a shared services model. Or better yet a firm who is looking to be more proactive than reactive by having a Talent Intelligence led process combined with a Talent Pipelining communications process to align with the business growth expectations is so radical, it is perceived to cause chaos.

Change is hard. Change is painful. Change is GOOD! It really boils down to how to accept and adopt change to improve outcomes. A thoughtful and careful approach will help a great idea that may be considered wishful, turn into reality.

The key is to understand your current state, set realistic expectations, milestones, and messaging that will move you steadily toward your future stateP goals. As I reflect on what has worked and not worked in my career, here is some of what I have learned:

  1. Drive your plans with facts and keep emotions out of the equation.
  2. Understand how people influence, hear, and respond to messaging; learn their success language.
  3. Present like a project manager. Instead of focusing on your successes, make sure to communicate wins, challenges and next steps in a clear, concise way.
  4. Know how to use data. Sometimes data in an organization is “dirty.” If the data is not accurate, footnote the limitations and your assumptions in your findings so your presentations can be better quantified.
  5. Create a phased approach. The answer to the question "how do you eat an elephant?” applies here. Sometimes the only way to get things done is to “eat them one bite at a time.” Be okay with presenting your strategies in phases.
  6. Know the true meaning of success. The happy place for talent acquisition is both qualitative and quantitative, but often, the feeling of success or failure is deeply personal. To drive success within your organisation, you need to show wins across the business.

Get rid of wishful thinking by setting realistic expectations that gives you, your organization, and your partners, the best shot at success. By using the tips outlined here, you can make sure you are on the right course for making lasting, positive change that will stand the test of time. Avancos has helped hundreds of firms to realise both an aspirational and realistic talent acquisition strategies.

12072014aWhat is clear in business is change is inevitable. The journey through change to achieve better outcomes begins with modifying processes, systems, and people. And by breaking it down into smaller chunks or mini-projects, change becomes agile to the ups and downs of the business, thereby improving efficiencies and results. We recommend measuring potential talent pools ahead of time so the business can make informed and better decisions on talent issues and timing. Once the talent pool is identified a talent pipelining communications process and system can be implemented to drive consistent communications across multiple channels ensuring that fresh data can be provided to the business in near real time. Reality…. not wishful thinking.

If you would like to learn more about why and how organisations similar to yours are turning to Talent Intelligence and Talent Pipelining to improve speed and quality of hires, then please do make contact.

Talent Acquisition. Made Simple.

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