Talent Intelligence

Let us show you where the talent is.

Avancos Global knows you are looking for a big return on your workforce investment and an edge over your competitors. By using accurate and real-time data, we are able to capture and collect 90% of the talent pool that extends around the globe, not just in a local market.

By using Talent Intelligence, companies can dramatically accelerate the speed it takes to reach talent, which offers greater access to selections across the talent market. This gives companies the ability to strategically plan ahead to mitigate risks, while allowing a seamless integration into an existing process.

Knowledge is power

Not only are our results consistent and scalable, companies choosing to work with Avancos Global will increase hiring efficiencies and improve quality. We will look into what your competitors are doing, analyze the players in your industry, and assemble key data points to help you make an actionable plan for your recruitment a business strategy.