Process is everything. Consistency is law.

Where would we be without process? Accept it or not, there is process for everything we do. Getting up, going to bed and in between, it’s natural for humans to move from one point to the next through a process. Process drives consistency, consistency drives certainty, and certainty begets safety and security.

The problem is not that everyone has a process, but that the process is not aligned to the organizational needs and driving optimal results. And to make any process improvements, overcoming legacy thinking is a real challenge with difficulty depending on many variable. I can’t think of one client over the last fifteen years who didn’t have a process in place for their employment brand and access to talent, however all of them were not achieving the results they desired and acknowledged a need to modify their process in order to achieve better results. I can think of too many prospects where the pain of change was greater than the realities of missing corporate objectives.

It seems so logical that if you want to make progress, then change your people, tools, process, or systems, but however logical it may sound, simple fear causes people to delay or forego an improvement. Perceived danger to their career safety and security outweighs the reality of making improvements. To overcome this very real dilemma, we’ve learned how important it is to get ‘consistency” right within the process of everything. By providing consistency in all aspects of how we communicate and demonstrate value, there is an openness to new thinking. By being consistent, more clarity and certainty are transparent in how we protect their domain without disrupting their process, then suggestions are offered to improve employment brand, processes, and access to talent.

So yes, each day we live within thousands of mindless processes, but in order to grow and achieve more, consistency is law. Focus on consistency and everything else will fall into place.

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