The Power of Data to Accelerate Hiring

10062014aIf you want to improve your hiring outcomes, then improve your methods of measuring.

With the overwhelming data coming from the thousands of job boards, aggregators, headhunters, internal data bases, company career pages, employee referrals, social media, and macro/micro networking sites, it’s no wonder there is over stimulation and bottlenecks breaking down the speed and effectiveness of hiring.

And with unemployment hitting 5.9% in the US last week, low inflation, and positive job growth trends based on continued economic growth for the next few years, do you believe hiring will get easier?

NOW is the time to begin looking at your hiring process to achieve the following goals:

  1. Accelerate Hiring
  2. Automate
  3. Measure and Manage

1+2+3= better outcomes and happier internal customers


Start asking questions and identifying where the gaps are in your sourcing, candidate management, interview process, and onboarding processes compared to the targeted service goals. 10062014c The gap is a measurement you devote energy to and fix as fast as possible.

A client told me the other day how his division figured out how to accelerate delivery times three times faster than their competition over a 24 month period. As a result, they dominated their market and duplicated the model globally. He humbly said when looking at what they were measuring for service and compared it to the market, he determined they could do better. Armed with a plan to identify the gaps to ideal outcomes, the team came up with solutions to fill the gaps and execute against the ideal measurements. He makes the process look simple, but to execute properly, you also have to evaluate if you can fix the gaps yourself or do you need an outside partner to provide knowledge and resources for short or long term intervals?


Where can you automate sourcing, scheduling, assessment, and onboarding? Sourcing is the most complex as data is plentiful and usually not very actionable. Therefore, focus on building a process to gather, organize, and interpret data into Actionable Data. As a litmus test, if you can’t CLEARLY answer how this data can get you from point A to point B, then it isn’t actionable data. The data has to draw a distinct line to your outcomes.

The same goes with assessments, interview ratings, and efficient onboarding processes. It has to be actionable to a clear outcome.

Measure and Manage:

10062014bTo achieve a hyper focus on getting the results you are trying to achieve, look at everything you are measuring and determine if they are relevant to your goals. Make clear to your team and your customers that what you are measuring is aligned to help them reach their performance goals. Then build consistent review meetings to inspect what is expected, make adjustments, and continue to make improvements.

The value of measurement is only as effective in driving efficiencies and results if it becomes a part of the culture. And by allowing the hoards of junk data to distract and bog down the process, the opportunity to better serve your organization is at severe risk, especially as the time for business growth is NOW. Are you aligned to ensure your company will grow and prosper?

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