Pipes, Funnel, Pools and other things I’ve heard recently










In a planning meeting I had the privilege to be invited to a couple of weeks ago, we met with an amazing company, with tons of potential. They have a model like none I’ve ever seen. It’s sleek and nimble and their clients love them! The environment is electric, there is a palpable buzz and I found myself daydreaming about what it would be like to work there. In a word, it was awesome. The bleeding edge technologies that they handle with seasoned ease is impressive and in demand. The sky’s the limit. If only they could find enough staff that fit their incredible culture, the right talent that meets their needs, they could see that limit. And that was what we were there to discuss…

Funnels and pipelines, and pools and buckets. If you just walked in, it would have been a little confusing, but the gist was that they needed access to talent. They’ve talked to every headhunter and boutique recruiter in every geography they touch, some in areas they will never visit, but they have had little success in reactively approaching the issue. How can a company identify the right talent and build a rapport with them, to cultivate a relationship, to get a chance to share their message, to get a shot at hiring the right people? At Avancos, we call it Talent Pipelining.


And it all starts with understanding the talent markets and identifying who the talent is, where they are, and what motivates them. We call this, Talent Intelligence, and the potential is continuing to grow. By gathering the relevant data and outlining the applicable talent market, the message and vehicles for that message can be tailored to gain the best returns. This Pipeline of talent can then be communicated with and a rapport can be created. In the case of the customer mentioned above, the message is the easy part. You have story, a great story to tell. The throughput of the Pipelining process is the application of the message, the ability to tell the story. Through repetition and measured communication, the identified talent can be communicated with in a professional manner and in most cases they can be offered information that can help them in their career and add to their skill sets.

It’s very interesting listening to Human Capital professionals talk about how they approach their access to talent. Whether it be funnels, tunnels, pools, ponds, Jacuzzi, tubes or pipes, you need a plan. You need a good plan. What’s your plan?


Images: Tomas Castelazo, Avancos, Meggar

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