How Mature is your Talent Acquisition Process?

10102014cThe Capability Maturity Model or CMM has the aim of improving existing software-development processes, but it can also be applied to other processes. The term "maturity" relates to the degree of formality and optimization of processes, from ad hoc practices, to formally defined steps, to managed result metrics, to active optimization of the processes.


Talent Acquisition is a process. Using the CMM definition of “maturity”, we can look gauge our Talent Acquisition process on a continuum of Maturity. In the world of hiring, it is all about quality and speed. From our experience talking to companies globally in a myriad of industries, most companies have a Talent Acquisition process that has become an afterthought. Sourcing and recruiting are done as needs come up, there are very few repeatable processes or procedures.

Interviews are done differently every time. There is no scoring, everyone interviews differently, it is simply, a jumbled mess producing inconsistencies. And there is the HR Manager, or Business Manager who’s trying to make sense of it all and keep things moving forward. Our employees are our life blood, they make a company, they define a company’s success or failure. Companies focus on their product, their sales process, but how we hire seems to be at the bottom of the priority list.
10102014aSo how can a Talent Acquisition pocess reach Maturity? We first have to think in terms of Reactive and Proactive, then build a scale in between. A Proactive Talent Acquisition process aligns recruitments efforts with the business’s demand. Sourcing, recruiting, screening, a repeatable, scalable interview process, offer consistency, onboarding can all be designed to stay ahead of the business need. The ultimate Proactive process would allow for Just In Time hiring. On the other side of the continuum would be Reactive. In this scenario, recruiting is constantly surprised by the business’s demand. Every recruiting effort starts from zero and the interview process is ad hoc at best. If Reactive is zero and Proactive is 10, where does your Talent Acquisition process sit on the continuum?

10102014bAvancos has built a Talent Pipelining and Managed Services capability to assess where an organization is currently, and then strategically implement changes to move an organizations Talent Acquisition process towards the 10, towards being Proactive. Utilizing industry best practices and driving projects to set deliverables, Avancos has designed a model for improving an organizations Talent Acquisition process. Constant monitoring of metrics and strategic data points allow Avancos to measurably improve a company’s Talent Acquisition process. Speed and quality are increased two and three times creating efficiencies. By simplifying the Talent Acquisition process for our clients, they are able to focus on their business and make better hiring decisions. Talent Acquisition. Simplified.

If our Talent is truly our most valuable asset, we must do more to assure that we have the best, most capable and committed talent in our organizations. How mature is your Talent Acquisition process?

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