Getting from Point A to Point B is easier than it was 10 years ago

I can remember getting my driver’s license and feeling so empowered. The freedom of the road and the ability to go anywhere. Well, that is going anywhere if I knew how to get there. That is why I always had a road map in my car in case I traveled somewhere new. It would tell me all types of information on back roads, interstates and different towns along the way.

Today, drivers have it much easier. With advancements in technology, they now have directions and even more information at their fingertips. Thanks to GPS devices in Smart phones, Garmins and Tom Tom’s, we can now not only get directions, we can know what traffic flow is like, where are the best places eat, and all the interesting sites along the way.

As far as workforce solutions go, a Market Analysis Profile (MAP), advances a Talent Acquisition Team’s knowledge about the workforce they are targeting. Unlike how it used to be when most internal Talent Teams used the term “Smile and Dial” to hit everyone and anyone they could to try to fill their positions. The industry advanced to the internet with Job Boards (which we all are familiar with) to help target people “looking for” a new career. Now with “Big Data” being applied to the global workforce, a MAP can give you data like a modern day GPS systems.

MAP’s allow a company to have a strategic edge over their competitors like never before in the talent game. They give companies the big picture on what is happening, real time, identifying the talent pool they need. Information can be gathered to give companies compelling data about the entire talent pool in any geographic area. This includes competitive data, compensation data, organizational structure, industry trends and real time feedback. This can all be used by a company to get the big picture of what is going on in their industry and with the people that keep it running each day.

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