Get to talent faster by cutting through the noise

03312015aWith the expansion of social media, potential candidates have become easier to identify, easier to contact, but not necessarily easier to recruit.

We see companies experience candidate behavior that seems like disinterest, when in reality, there is interest but a sort of “data overload” as the talent is highly sought after and frequently approached about new career opportunities.

There is a lot of noise out there. And in order for companies to be noticed, making an effort to have real conversations with candidates provides an opportunity to connect on a more personal level that allows for a better understanding of their career perspective. When their needs are understood, the possibility to convince them to explore a new opportunities is much easier.

Whether companies use external or internal hiring teams, a conversation early and frequently with our clients enables a clear focus on identifying 02032015bspecific factors that will attract talent faster and better than the competition. In today’s market, it is more important than ever to have that edge. That one or two key selling points that will gain the candidate’s interest and establish a baseline for moving the conversation forward.

The next step after interest is established, is ensuring communication and information exchange is efficient and effective. As mentioned earlier, candidates are overloaded with information and less inclined to engage in new information. The messaging is key in gaining their attention in both a short term and long term strategy. Therefore, it is worth the extra effort to carefully consider how, where and when to structure the message for maximum results.

10102014bWe have found to build a true pipeline of talent for future roles, a strategy like Talent Pipelining allows for a consistent message over longer periods in a structured way will pay big dividends with speed and quality of hire. It works by focusing the transfer of relevant information that usually, has nothing to do directly with an urgent hiring need. Instead, it has the intention of outlining the benefits of working with a specific company and delivered over time. This approach allows the potential candidates to become more familiar with the company, and thereby making it easier/quicker to engage the talent once there is an actual hiring need.

How are you reaching potential candidates before you have a need? Are you just adding to the noise by posting jobs, or do you have an intentional strategy to attract the best and brightest talent pool for your company’s current and future needs?

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