Why eating healthy is good for hiring

hIn today’s world you cannot go more than two minutes without being hit with an advertisement for the next big health trend or miracle food. One of the healthier things that American’s typically default to on a menu during the millions of daily lunch meetings is salad. If we think about it, salads can have a variety of healthy fruits and vegetable depending on your taste preferences and they come in all sizes. Different ingredients make the salad; from lettuce, green pepper, cucumber, nuts, tomato, spinach, and many others. Without a multitude of healthy ingredients, the salad would be bland and less nutritious.

So how does this crazy description about the ingredients of a salad relate to hiring?

It relates to the type of team you build to grow and run your business. Your team can’t be all the same, they need to have various skills, experiences, and competencies within a culture that works together to reach goals greater than the individuals.

The thinking that you need more people like you, to help your business grow, risks an effective growth team, a bland team that is equivalent to a salad 12022014cwith nothing but lettuce. By adding the different skills, experiences, and competencies, you enhance the overall scope of the team by gaining the strengths that work well together in achieving organizational goals.

Do these five things to evaluate the strengths and team members that best represent your winning team:

  1. Clearly identify your organizations ideal outcomes and by when they need to be achieved
  2. Define what skills, experiences, and top 4 competencies will be needed for each person on your team
  3. Rate your team (use scales of 1-5 or A, B, C) against the criteria and identify the gaps
  4. Determine if the gaps can be developed or the team member needs to be replaced
  5. Make a decision and move forward

It sounds simple, however many leaders fail to recognize that leveraging the differences in people provides 3X results as it allows their strengths to complement each other. So like a crazy reference to a salad, add the right ingredients to the nourishment for your business to grow beyond your expectations.

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