Do you want to recruit bodies or acquire real Talent?

12072014aDecision Time: Do you want to recruit bodies to fill positions or do you want to acquire talent to drive growth?

Depending on your mindset, the choice seems easy. However, before you answer either way, take a look at “why” you would make the decision.

  1. Recruitment - is a linear process, where you source candidates for the existing vacancies currently available. This approach is reactive in its nature, and typically leads to increased time-to-hire and cost-to-hire.At times organizations compromise on quality in order to manage cost and time. It’s understandable because there is usually a lack of understanding and support for data, resources, and a comprehensive strategy to solve long term business and talent issues. Without a proactive strategy, organizations settle with First In First Out strategy. Meaning, the first candidates that fit a general profile are the first to be sent to the hiring manager.

    As a result, more unqualified candidates eat up the bandwidth of the company resources driving up costs, leaving less time fixing real issues and spending time with customers. It is a vicious cycle that negatively impacts the business and how candidates view the organization.

  1. Talent Acquisitionis an ongoing cycle of processes that start by building an employer brand through communicating an Employee Value 10102014bProposition (EVP) and building an ongoing relationship with targeted talent pools. This approach leads to the development of talent pipelines eventually creating a sustainable talent supply chain.Talent Acquisition is geared towards advising business leaders on how they will achieve the anticipated growth demand and communicate a plan of action backed up by real time intelligence, knowledge and relationships. Firms who look at hiring holistically and build processes to run this way are seeing a triple double benefit. Meaning that they have double the access, double the speed and double the efficiency than their competitors.

    It is about having a true strategy and investment into solving short and long term Talent issues to advance the growth of the business.

3At Avancos, we have helped hundreds of firms change the way they view talent. Especially in the SMB/SME sector where growth is rapid and the right hires are absolutely fundamental to success.

Usually, when companies are growing rapidly, they are peddling hard and fast to keep up with demand. What they tend to miss is the development of processes and systems in order to add people that will align with the increase business demand. What we have found in partnering with SME’s is there is an inflection-point in the growth-curve that if not addressed, the growth trajectory will trend down instead of up in the future.

Making the decision on which type of company you want to be in how you hire solely depends on what type of organization you are trying to be in the future.
Think short term and hire bodies. Think longer term and build a sustainable growing company.

Choose now as the world labor markets are heating up!

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