Dedicated Talent Acquisition beats traditional HR, every time!

01122015aWhile dealing with hundreds of customers, clients, and partners over the last 20 years, I have seen many different approaches to how Talent Acquisition fits into Human Resources. Some are integrated so closely, there is no separation between the two. Others have a very distinct line between the two functions that will either work independently or typically with Talent Acquisition reporting to the Human Resources department. Both can work and both have certain efficiencies depending on your internal resources.

I have spent years calling into Human Resource departments consulting with these individuals and teams about Talent Acquisition. A consistent theme from HR professionals is that they are tasked with multiple assignments in any given day. Every Human Resources person I have spoke with would say they “wear multiple hats all the time”. The majority of these professionals will have a degree in Human Resources, certification(s) from SHRM or other various credentials. One constant in their background is that Talent Acquisition is one piece of their training for Human Resources. This is fine if you company is making 2-3 hires per year, however when growth hits for a company, having a Talent Acquisition expert becomes a necessity. Whether you hire a full time recruiter or outsource to an outside organization you are investing in a specialist to find and hire the talent you must have to grow your business.

Having dedicated resource(s) for Talent Acquisition is no different than hiring a salesperson, marketing specialist, or accountant. You wouldn’t ask your accountant to sell your 1021bproduct/service just like you wouldn’t ask your marketing person to do your accounting. Why do we ask Human Resources to handle all of your Talent Acquisition? Over a 2/3 of the Human Resource professionals I speak with don’t particularly like handling the recruiting responsibilities. They prefer employee relations, policy/procedures for mitigating risks, talent development, training, cultural development, diversity, and talent management. Talent Acquisition is usually at the bottom of the preference ladder.

PSo why is it critical to have a dedicated Talent Acquisition professional sourcing, connecting, convincing, and guiding candidates to and through your hiring process? Here are a few more in addition to the points above:

  1. You need an expert in your market to understand what it takes to be competitive when hiring.
  2. Technologies for hiring change quickly and you need someone to stay out front of the changes to make your strategy competitive
  3. Your employment brand needs constant monitoring to measure the effectiveness

If your company is going to or is growing greater than 10%, you need a dedicated Talent Acquisition Expert. If it’s too expensive to do internally due to not enough volume, and you don’t want to go to headhunters, there are hybrid models that can bring effective and seamless solutions.

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