How to “Beef Up” your hiring process

06172014aWhen firms set out to hire someone, it’s a kind of a leap of faith (a risk if you will) regardless of the rigor of your interview process. There is a fear of the unknown and a pressure from the business to achieve a goal whether that be revenue, production or to satisfy a customer need or as I call it, business survival!

So how do you best achieve hiring in today’s modern world of multi generational workforce with new tools and technology appearing on a daily basis?

Answer – Process! Yes, yes I know, boring, BUT an essential part of the Big Three (People, Process, Tools) if you want to get it right.

The next question is whether your process is proactive or reactive? Does your company wait to receive a requisition or are you engaged in workforce planning early and often to be ahead of the changes? One way to stay ahead is through Talent pipelining. It is a newer concept and gaining momentum because it is used to build long-term relationships with passive talent for future opportunities. Meaning, a much more insightful understanding of where the talent resides, what their interest levels are with your brand and their career path, then staying connected and relevant over time as they could be your future colleagues helping your company win FASTER than your competitors.

According to LinkedIn, only 17% of the talent pool is actively looking. Developing a talent pipeline to attract from the remaining 83% requires a shift from reactive process 06172014bto proactive process. Being reactive to hiring challenges in today's market is no longer sufficient and creates a significant strain on the business. Talent Pipelining allows for recruiting resources to be strategic, proactive and engaged with the business to help advise the best course of action to solve the business issues at hand.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

Fear? Cost? Risk? Workload? Newness?

Maybe. Yet when speaking with Fortune 1000 senior execs, they say they want it but need a better understanding of a process and roadmap to show them the way to alleviate short term burning platforms and anticipate long term needs.

PSo here is my shameless pitch, having worked with numerous senior execs across the world on this topic, Avancos has helped these individuals better understand how to improve the alignment of recruitment to business demand with processes. By first going through an audit process, current state and future state are defined, and recommendations given to build a better proactive platform.

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