AVOID THE STEM SHORTAGE APOCALYPSE! Talent Pipelining: a tutorial

11172013aWhat is Talent Pipelining?




  • the suitable, skilled people who are available to be chosen to do a particular type of job: Cambridge Dictionary Online
  • a group of talented or skilled or efficient people: Colins Dictionary
  • talent pools are a database of people who could effectively fill the boots of any of your current employees should they decide that it's time to move on. Monster.com

Avancos Definition:

‘The identification of and continuous communication to a group of individuals who possess critical skills and/or experience to help advance a company now or in the future’10152013c

It is important to note that this is a proactive approach to building a “talent ready” pool of candidates. Candidates are proactively engaged over time in order to attract, then, convert their interest when you are ready to interview. By having a pipeline of potential employees, you will ensure that if your company has a vacancy, you’ll always a have a bank of candidates to choose from, and you will be certain they have already been vetted by the process and engaged to your employment brand.

Global organizations are very concerned on how to solve the labor gap over the next five years. ‘Baby Boomers’ are starting to leave the workforce taking their knowledge, skills, and experience with them. Will Millennials fill the gap? Eventually is the answer, so how will the gap be filled today?

Current thinking suggests companies will use their ATS database, run ads, get employee referrals WHEN the business asks for it. Very practical, very reactive. But the winners in the market are the early adopters who are creating a consistent flow of branded communications to these groups with relevant content utilizing both traditional and social media channels. And to avoid spamming C-Level talent and damaging your brand, there are proper strategies and tactics to engage and interact in order build a longer-term relationship with your brand.

afterBrand 11172013So how do you do this talent pipelining? Well, it simply takes time and intentional effort. The solutions run across the spectrum for global Fortune 1000 companies as HR talent leaders across multiple industries and geographies may use different mechanics and processes, but there are commonalities in a framework I’d like to share.

Firstly, all of them had to shift their thinking from reactive to proactive. They gathered internal information from the business to better understand the current and future needs for high demand skills. Once this was understood, they used Talent Intelligence data to better understand, in real time, where current talent resides both internally and externally.

Secondly, In order to build a consistent pipeline of ready to use talent, companies had to be clear in the following areas:

Candidate: Who are they? What do they need? Do they understand you? Do you understand them?

Communication: What is the method used? What is the frequency?
Content: What is your company saying? Is it relevant? Is it meaningful? Is it compelling?

Finally, companies had a consistent, scalable, and straight forward process to deliver the messaging.

The process has to be interlinked in order to be effective. Beginning with Talent sourcing to fill your talent pool, then creating compelling messages for multiple content tools, then utilizing communication channels to reach your audience on a frequent basis. Newsletters, highlights, and social media outlets are used to build your employment brand connection. Since you will know who the candidates are and where they are located, a simple plug and play (targets and content) will build a straightforward and easy to use and manage system.

Hopefully this high level view can help you in planning and organizing a Talent Pipelining strategy to overcome the current and future supply shortage in STEM talent.

If you would like to learn more about this and how organizations are benefiting from this model, please feel free to contact me at mark.sawyer@avancos-global.com

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