Advancing Potential: Changing Peoples’ Lives for the Better

[Amanda is a recruiting specialist at Avancos serving Fortune 1000 companies around the globe. She has a tremendous amount of passion and success helping companies hire the best talent, and maintaining the highest level of character to achieve the goals of others. We are proud to have Amanda with Avancos and hope you enjoy her story]

When I was a growing up, I never saw myself choosing a career as a recruiter – I wanted to help people, not “hunt” their heads. I usually envisioned myself helping people as a doctor, a lawyer, and sometimes even as a detective. As I grew up though, I realized that there are so many ways of making a difference in somebody’s life. Plus, it did not help my original plans that the sight of blood made me squeamish and that I was much too bored with law school to go into that much debt. So, after some soul-searching and thinking of any other educational programs to pursue, I decided to put on my big girl pants and apply for jobs in “the real world.”

I became a recruiter over a year ago with Avancos, and I feel that it was a great decision. While here, I have worked with a wide array of clients covering a variety of positions globally – last year, I even placed someone with a global infrastructure solutions manufacturer client in South Africa. I have learned about types of positions that I did not even know existed (try asking a political science graduate what an Organization Design Analyst or an Epic Senior Consultant does). I have also made some truly great connections to people with amazing talents all over the world.

The biggest reason I see my time at Avancos as a success, though, is that I actually get to make a big difference in peoples’ lives. For instance, I contacted a lady in the health field who was travelling all over the country giving medical technology R&D presentations to various clients and potential clients. In just a ten minute conversation with her, I realized that she was absolutely passionate about her job, but that she desperately wanted to be home with her recently expanded family rather than on the road several days each week. She was a perfect fit for an internal leadership position with one of our biggest clients, a top-3 strategic consulting firm. That initial phone conversation began the process, and within three months, she was offered the role and had gladly accepted. She was overjoyed at the entire experience and could not thank me enough for that one simple phone call that changed her life.

Thanks to Avancos, I have realized that I do not have to perform surgery, win a case, or solve a crime to change lives. Instead, I connect with busy, highly qualified professionals in hopes that some of them are interested in hearing about amazing opportunities in their fields with globally recognized companies. While Avancos certainly encourages the use of Big Data and Talent Intelligence, I am so glad that they also recognize the importance of developing relationships with people. The people I contact have jobs they are passionate about as well as compelling life stories, and it is the recruiter’s job to figure that out along with the data points. The end goal is advancing potential not only for the businesses we work with but also for the people we meet along the way.

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