6 Things About talent Your CEO Wants to Know

Avancos Banner HomeCEOs are a unique group in that their patience for performance is thin, energy levels are high, and their key focus is on moving the needle for the coming year. They express cautious optimism and high anticipation to whether their teams will execute the plan and grow the business as expected.

Talent is critical to their company’s success, therefore CEOs will focus on whether the organization’s People Strategy is aligned with current and future business demand.

With this said, you will want to be prepared to answer some tough questions that will provide your leader comfort that their plan is safe from disaster.

  1. Do we have the right people (meaning skills, talents, cultural fit) in the right roles? What is your plan to add, move around, or move people out of the Talent Intelligenceorganization in order to hit our objectives?
  2. Where do our A players come from and how can we duplicate them at all levels?
  3. Who is leaving or left us and why? Who is at risk and why? What are we doing to retain our top people? (retention strategies around development, stay interviews, communication and feedback plans)
  4. Is our talent planning process effective in ensuring we are proactive and achieving high quality “just in time”?
  5. What is the talent pool look like for our most critical hires regarding compensation, benefits, career opportunity, reputation of our organization? And what can we do to be the most competitive with minimum viable investments?
  6. How will you better attract, source, screen, and assess great talent better in 2015 than last year? (use metrics and a clear plan)

12312013cCEOs are measured on moving needles, so if you want to help them move the needle in 2015, be prepared to provide the answers, data, and a plan that will help them execute the business strategy. When you’ve accomplished this feat, then you’ve earned your right at the executive table….until next year!

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