3 Tools Everyone in Global Recruiting Should Use

12Based on my 10+ years of experience helping global companies grow into new markets, finding the right talent in new markets is a tremendous challenge for most companies.

Here in Scandinavia, recent surveys suggest that it is in fact a real problem such as in Sweden, 21% of companies that have tried international recruitment rated their experience as ”very bad” and another 22% rated their experience as ”pretty bad”. A lot of dissatified companies (43%) are still trying to figure out which recruitment strategy can be implemented and executed to hit the business growth needs.

So why the challenge you ask?

From what we’ve learned over the last 8 years during the transformation of global commerce, is recruitment strategy and planning is missing real-time and relevant information (or data) to support their assumptions.

Firstly, when choosing new markets, understanding the talent pool is critical to utilize the right sources to attract and find candidates. There are many unknowns, especially around what are the most effective recruitment channels, networks, tools, and just as importantly, what push/pull factors will attract or not attract talent in a very competitive market.

Finding this information helps determine the partners, process, and systems needed to reach your objectives. Once the repeatablestrategy is in place, then put it in project plan and execute, adjusting along the way to find the highest effectivness. At the same time, some of the soft tools you will need is an effective approach with employment brand image, brand messaging, and position messaaging that would attract talent to your company AND to the role you need them for. Taking cultural differences into consideration is part of the soft tools that need to be researched, recorded, and inbedded in your approach to attract talent.

From our experience, there are three main components that pave the way for a smoother and more efficient process:

1.) Talent Intelligence: investing in getting to know the new market before deciding a course of action. Turning to peers, suppliers, interest groups, government data, or any other source that can bring insight into what the opportunities and bottlenecks are within a specific market. There are a multitude of stumbling blocks like different laws, etc.. And when companies can’t afford to make a mistake, they invest in a Talent Intelligence report before starting in order to gather the data fast and efficiently.

2.) Market Insight: With the right technology and process, market data can be collected and structured throughout the entire process, including from the initial sourcing. This will provide the hiring authorities with data from day one until the project is completed, including information on why candidates are turning the role/company down, salary benchmarking, where the talent is located geographically and other relevant information. This will allow each stakeholder to adapt to the process, be proactive rather than reactive, and adjust to the market faster.

3.) High Touch Communication Strategy: When information is collected and awareness increases, this should effectively be utilized by all stakeholders. From Talent Pipelining, sourcing, screening, assessing, interviewing and onboarding, YOUR EMPLOYMENT BRAND IS AT RISK if you don’t have clear messaging and a positive candidate experience. Everyone including hiring managers should be coached and prepared prior to any contact with candidates. If you can automate, great. But make sure there is a sincere response to candidates in every conversation.

avancosIf you are part of the 43% of unhappy global recruitment companies out there struggling to gain a foothold, these three tools can be used to help you compete in more diversified and talent competitive market. Proactive and insightful data will turn your challenge into a core strength for your organization, and opportunity to ensure a positive experience for your candidates, hiring managers, and company.

To find out how Avancos can help you address these issues, contact us today.

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